Tyndale Photography Club

Next session: Thursday 20 February 2020

Tyndale Photography Club holds its meetings in North Nibley Village Hall every Thursday evening from the end of September through to the end of April. The evening begins at 19:30 and ends around 21:45.

The aim of the Club is to provide an environment where everyone can enjoy their photography, share their know-how and help each other to create better pictures. We are photographers of all abilities, from relative beginners to the very experienced, we are from all walks of life and we are mostly all from within a five mile radius of North Nibley.

The Club has a membership of around 50 and is always pleased to welcome new members and visitors, we offer a friendly environment in which to enjoy and improve your photography. So, beginner or expert, if you’ve an interest in photography and would like to improve your skills as part of an affable and welcoming group, then please contact us through our webpage at www.tyndalephoto.org. Details of subscriptions can also be found on this webpage.


Next session: Monday 24 February 2020

Monday 24 February to Friday 3 April 2020.

Monday Yoga with Annabel

Next session: Monday 24 February 2020


Next session: Tuesday 25 February 2020

Wednesday Yoga with Annabel

Next session: Wednesday 26 February 2020

Line Dancing

Next session: Wednesday 26 February 2020

Parish Council Monthly Meeting

Next session: Monday 2 March 2020

Monthly Parish Council meeting 2020

Village Eye

Next session: Monday 9 March 2020